Going on a journey without having to get on a plane. Getting close to dancers without disturbing the improvisation. Getting to know something about someone else without exchanging a word. Visiting a museum without putting one foot over the threshold. Without it really being there. Curious about whether that is possible? Whether you can experience something of that feeling?

That’s how Jelle IJntema started building the exhibition THIS TOO SHALL PASS earlier this year. In January he took the first steps in the preparation for his first exhibition. An exhibition that would include a number of self-portraits. When Covid-19 pandemic broke out, he changed the whole plan and started experimenting with 3D and online environments. After first sketching a basis in a simple program, he then dived into Blender, a free 3D drawing program and built an entire museum. A museum that not only contains his self-portraits but also dance photos and travel photos of New Zealand.

A virtual museum in which you can easily wander around for an hour or two. Just like you would in a real museum. Complete with 3D characters, videos and background sounds. Curious? Then buy a ticket now!

© Jelle IJntema